• Clean Raw Water Tanks periodically to ensure water is free of dirt and microbes. Make sure the inlet of the Water Purifier is safe. Schools/Establishments must keep a record of this.

  • Drinking Water Product Storage Tank shall be kept locked so that no foreign particles could be dropped by anyone. Also, clean it as necessary to ensure it is clean all the time.

  • Drinking Water should not be consumed if the tanks are not properly cleaned and if the Raw Feed Water is contaminated.

  • The Water Purifier (Typically RO based) System is designed only to purify Raw Water with Low Turbidity and Suspended Solids and is not suitable for Contaminated or Waste Water.

  • It is the Responsibility of Schools/Establishments to ensure no one tampers with the System and to ensure Safety around the System.

  • In case of any questions on the system's performance, Contact B&P Aqua Systems: +91-8105164444