B&P Aqua Systems

B&P Aqua Systems provides Drinking Water Treatment Solutions configured to your needs to improve the quality of your Water. There are different sources of feed water and quality varies by region and location. B&P Aqua Systems Representative is there to understand the needs of our customers and provide advice on a Water Treatment System meeting the requirements. Clean drinking water promotes healthy living and enhances life. B&P Aqua Systems provides Total Water Solutions, starting from Water Testing to getting you a right Water Treatment System and Maintenance Services. High quality e-LifeTM brand of Water Systems are specifically configured by B&P Aqua Systems to meet the needs of our valued customers, and we also sell various other known brands in the Indian market to provide a complete one stop sourcing. We are here to provide our customer a Total Water Management. Contact us for your Water Treatment needs.

OUR Products

  1. Industrial Water Treatment Plants
    Industrial Water Treatment Plants
  2. Commercial RO Units
    Commercial RO Units
  3. RO Grand Series-25 LPH
    RO Grand Series-25 LPH
  4. RO Grand Series-50 LPH
    RO Grand Series-50 LPH
  5. RO Grand Series-100 LPH
    RO Grand Series-100 LPH
  6. GE Commercial RO Membranes-AK Series
    GE Commercial RO Membranes-AK Series
  7. GE Commercial RO Membranes- AG Series
    GE Commercial RO Membranes- AG Series
  8. Pressurized UF Membranes
    Pressurized UF Membranes
  9. Ultra Filtration Modules
    Ultra Filtration Modules
  10. RO Pro Pearl
    RO Pro Pearl
  11. RO Pro Grand+
    RO Pro Grand+

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Drinking Water Systems Configured to Actual Needs

Drinking Water Units configured according to Feed or Raw Water and any Specific Requirements of Clients

Servicing of Water Systems

B&P Technicians are Well Trained to provide Prompt Door Step Service of Domestic and Commercial Water Units

Total Water Management

B&P provides Total Water Treatment Solutions like Domestic and Commercial Drinking Water Units, Swimming Pool Water Units, Hard Water Softening Units, Waste Water Treatment Plants etc. Contact B&P Aqua Systems for more information.

Water Testing & Analysis

Various Samples of Feed Water are collected and tested in NABL Certified Labs to configure Water Treatment Plants as per the clients’ needs.



Mission of B&P Aqua Systems is to Serve Clean Water, Provide Quality Service and Create Clean Water Awareness for Healthy Living.